100% Natural Organic Lawn Care

T.L.C. Organic Lawn Care is completely safe for children, pets AND the environment! Now there is a safe alternative to chemicals and pesticides. You don't have to worry about keeping your children or pets off the lawn, tracking chemical toxins into your house or polluting water. You can immediately resume all outdoor activities after T.L.C. Organic Lawn Care has left your healthy lawn!

If you love your kids - with fur and without, it only makes sense to do what's best for them! Give owner Tim Wiesmore a call today to set up a free estimate!

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Why Organic?

Organic fertilizer is water insoluble and breaks down slowly over time requiring less inputs and a greener lawn. We work from the soil up, feeding beneficial micro-organisms and improving soil health.


5 Steps to a Healthy Organic Lawn
Learn how to maintain your lawn between T.L.C. visits.

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